Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Completed Interior

After all the running around last week for the MOT, I never posted a photograph of the completed interior.

The original seats and door cards all scrubbed up wonderfully using bicarbonate of soda, a toothbrush and a little hot water. I gave up trying to use washing up liquid as it was far too messy and foamy. The bicarbonate of soda just turns into a paste and lifted the dirt and grim with a little elbow grease.

The original carpets all went back in after a thorough clean with a carpet cleaner we hired for the weekend under the pretence of cleaning the house carpets. I was lucky enough to find a new-old-stock driver's footwell carpet. Over the years I managed to source original footwell rubber mats and they fit nicely.

Chapman and Cliff provided a reveneered dashboard many years ago, and earlier this year were able to reveneer the door cappings and coupe specific rear cappings to match. The cardboard dashboard surround was restored by Shaun in a pretty near original recreation of the portafleck look.

A period Motorola radio is installed in the original radio console bracket. The Herald 90mph speedo has been replaced with a 110mph speedo from an early Vitesse. A bracket for the electric fan manual override and hazard warning lights sits to the right of the steering wheel. The steering wheel itself is a period wheel I have previously fitted to various small chassis Triumphs as I find it near impossible to get behind the original wheels. The overdrive switch is mounted on the column.

Additional instrumentation by way of temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge are mounted nearly out of sight on the A post, so as not to clutter the dashboard.

Shaun and Paul replaced the original torn and stained headlining with a new item complete with an interior light from a 2000 saloon.

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