Friday, 30 January 2009


As a reward for passing the MOT last week, and also because I was fed up getting filthy hands on damp mornings from a worn out steering wheel, I've treated myself to a really nice Moto-Lita for the 2000.

At 15" diameter it's a little bit smaller than the original wheel, but you get a little more leg room in return. The thicker, chunkier rim makes the car feel much more confident than trying to grapple with the skinny rim of the original.

Purchased from Bryan Jones Autoquip Ltd
Trading on eBay as Classic Steering Wheels

Monday, 26 January 2009

Herald Headlamp Cowls

What must be the holy grail for any early Herald owner - a decent pair of headlamp cowls. I managed to pick these up locally along with a number of other spares from a previous Herald Coupe owner. Still in their battered boxes, Lucas part number 54520154.

What are the chances of getting these remanufactured?

Friday, 23 January 2009

MOT Passed!

I took the 2000 down for an MOT this lunchtime. The MOT tester appreciated something out of the ordinary, and I'm glad to say it passed with just an advisory on a front wheel bearing!

Highly recommended if you're looking for a friendly MOT station in north Wiltshire. You can also watch the Hercules fly overhead and land over the road at RAF Lyneham while you're waiting.

Frankham Motor Services
Chippenham Road
Wiltshire SN15 4NX
Tel: 01249 890809

Local Map

Thursday, 22 January 2009

More Shorrock Supercharger Manifolds

Here's a few manifolds for the Triumph Herald setup. All for sale from the same seller just down the road in Bath.

Shorrock supercharger manifold #1

UPDATE : Sold for £95

Shorrock supercharger manifold #2

UPDATE : Sold for £75

Shorrock supercharger manifold #3

UPDATE : Sold for £95

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Shorrock Supercharger Gauge

Yet another original gauge on eBay this week...

UPDATE : just sold for £250!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sunvisor Clean-Up

In true restoration "before and after" style, here's a few photos of the minging sunvisors as removed from the car, and after a few hours spent with a toothbrush and a bottle of Ecover washing-up liquid...

Interestingly the passenger side is missing any trace of a vanity mirror. Instead there is what appears to be an aftermarket mirror fixed to the driver's side. I guess the "one careful lady owner", Miss Evelyn Mary Beamand liked to keep an eye on her appearance...

Friday, 16 January 2009

Bulkhead and Dashboard

Here's a few photos of the bulkhead fitted up with the wiper motor and rack, master cylinders, heater and wiring loom.

Inside Shaun has done a great job recreating the "Portafleck" effect on the dashboard surround. The dashboard itself was re-veneered a few years back by Chapman & Cliff and has sat in the loft since - it's great to see it finally fitted.

New Old Stock Carpet!

It's still amazes me what you can find as "New Old Stock". A casual chat with my favourite Triumph Spares specialist from Fillongley turned up trumps with this footwell carpet piece from the back of the stores. (part number 805053 if you're interested, and yes they have them in stock!)

The rest of my carpet cleaned up okay - if a little faded. It was just the driver's side that's looking a little worse for wear.

Another item ticked off the list!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Get Away in a Triumph Herald

Just spotted this 60 second original cinema advert featuring a Herald saloon registration 9662VC - only 38 before mine!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Manifold Problem

The original Shorrock installation used the 948 twin carb cast exhaust manifold. This is okay, but the engine would sure breathe a lot better on a branch manifold.

About 10 years ago I managed to get hold of an original but rusty mild steel branch manifold for the MkII Spitfire. Unfortunately this fouled on branches number 2 and 3.

A few years back I bought a John Kipping stainless steel branch manifold suitable for the 948/1147 setup. This looks like there will be just enough clearance of branches 2 and 3...

I need a spare 1147 head to check for sure.

The real problem is the pressure relief valve incorporated into the Shorrock manifold. There's no way that's going to clear branch number 4...

Once the valve is removed, it fits no problem...

But the Shorrock unit needs the protection of the pressure relief should the engine backfire out through the inlet manifold. So the problem is how to incorporate the valve into the manifold.

Two options spring to mind...

Cap the end of the manifold, drill and tap a hole on top of the manifold to accept the valve in it's a new location.

Lewis Jones did something like that on his 1300/1500 Spitfire utilising the Herald 13/60 inlet manifold...

The casting of the Herald 13/60 manifold has a flat section at this location suitable for a vacuum gauge pickup. There is no such flat section on the Shorrock manifold.

The second option would be to attempt a remote location using suitable plumbing.

As noted by others, discharged fuel/air mix over a hot exhaust manifold doesn't sound very clever, so I'm thinking relocating away from the exhaust is a good idea. Just not sure how.

I'm thinking of a banjo bolt arrangement, anyone know of any such specialists or have any other suggestions?

Here's a few more photos showing the manifolds together.

UPDATE : Following a suggestion by Dave Powell, I made contact with Derek at Flexolite (01684 541 941 /

Fortunately Derek had a Shorrock to hand and was able to tell me the 1" UNF thread (20 TPI) is a complete bastard size, and so I'd need to get the plug made especially, as well as obviously needing a tap of the same size to cut the new thread. Nothing insurmountable then but he left me plenty to think about...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lucas Spotlamp Bracket

Spotted this on eBay and meant to bid on it but forgot. Damn.

A new and unused LUCAS spotlamp bracket suitable for the Triumph Vitesse and Herald. Designed to mount the spotlamp above the bumper. An original 1960's accesssory.

Sold for only £6.05

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Shorrock Supercharger Manifolds

Some individual Shorrock manifolds for the Triumph Herald sold this week on eBay. I really can't believe they're selling for this much...

Shorrock supercharger manifold #1, £132 !

Shorrock supercharger manifold #2, £139 !

STOLEN : Shorrock Supercharger

I'd been watching this on eBay earlier this week, and can't believe it's been stolen. It's a real shame as the auction included all the necessary manifolds and mountings for the Herald 1200 engine. Fortunately the seller had noted the Shorrock's serial number, so if this does turn up it should be easy to trace. The listing reads -

A Shorrock C75BV supercharger. which comes with ultra rare Triumph 1200 inlet manifold. The front mounting plate has been made in alluminium, it also comes with the three other manifolds and the carburettor(see pictures) The supercharger spins freely with no damage to the vanes. The only part missing from the kit is the bottom pulley. (It will not cost very much to have one made in alluminium).

Serial no 173 which makes it an early one!

Would perfer collection in person or can post at your own expense.

Any questions or quiries please call Dave on 07956 487 643

On 05-Jan-09 at 20:22:22 GMT, seller added the following information:

This item is no longer available as my garage has been broken into and it was stolen along with other car parts and tools. at the weekend. (SORRY to all ebayers who were watching or who had made a Bid!)

Shorrock Supercharger Boost Gauge

These original gauges are apparently rare, but they seem to pop up on eBay with regular occurrence.

Just sold for £302!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Take Them All with a Shorrock!

I've not seen a sticker like this before - not sure if it's original artwork or not.

75mm/3" diameter vinyl sticker. £2.99 "Buy It Now"

Triumph Herald 1200 Twin Carburettor Conversion Kit

While rummaging over Christmas I came across this original article from the Standard Triumph Review magazine back in 1962. It's an interesting but rather brief account of the work involved to convert the Triumph Herald's single Solex carb to twin SUs.