Friday, 1 December 2006

Triumph Auto Classique

The bodywork restoration of my Coupe is being carried out by Paul Cull at Triumph Auto Classique. Contact details are as follows -

Triumph Auto Classique
Vale Farm
Wootton Bassett

Telephone : 01793 853033

Thursday, 30 November 2006


TAKE IT IN TOP! is all about the restoration of my Triumph Herald Coupé.

First registered on 16th May 1963 to Miss Evelyn Mary Beamand. Not much history with my car - V5 says it's one owner from new - I bought it indirectly from a family member - the original owner no longer alive I'm lead to believe. Apparently it's spent the past 10 years rusting away in a front garden in Coventry. Annoyingly I have no paperwork other than a V5.

Anyway, to start, here's a few pics...

and here's a picture outside the workshops of Canley Classics prior to collection