Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Shorrock Supercharger Oil Metering Pins

On eBay this week a supposedly rare set of metering pins. The auction reads...

Here we have a set of 6 very very hard to find metering pins for the oiler on C75B Shorrock Superchargers. They are PIN letters...

C = 0.3100 thou
F = 0.3085 thou
I = 0.3070 thou
L = 0.3055 thou
O = 0.3040 thou
R = 0.3025 thou

These are brand new unused machine ground Shorrock pins not lathe turned. If you have ever set up a Shorrock you will be aware that getting the oil feed right is critical, without a selection of pins you can't do it. The bore of the oiler is 5/16 (0.3125) so the pins drop 2.5 thou to pin C and then 1.5 thou down to pin R.

Please be aware that lathe turned pins are not suitable for this application and if you were able to find a machine shop to work to 1/2 thou increments the charge would be around £35 each (lathe turned), machine grinding is cost prohibitive unless you have hundreds made so a set of 6 ground pins is a holy grail!!!


UPDATE : Sold for £150

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