Friday, 28 November 2008

972 NHW - Where Are You Now?

I found these photographs of a Herald Coupé I owned back around the year 2000. I sold it a few years later, but I'd be interested to hear from any previous or current owners.

It was fitted with a single Weber, roll cage and a pair of Cibie Oscars. Downsides were the most uncomfortable bucket seats, lack of overdrive and the MkI chassis.

In November 2001 the Coupé was featured in Practical Classics along side Karl Dandridge's 6 cylinder Coupé.


Petri Jokinen said...

Hello Craig,
I'm building a rally Herald of my 1200 Coupe, and it's going to be a FIA passed car. Do you happend to have decent copies of the Historic Vehicle Identity Form of 972 NHW. It would be very interesting to see what the F.I.A sheet includes before trying to get one for my own car. Best wishes.
Peetu Jokinen

Craig Gingell said...

Hi Peetu,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately I don't have copies of the FIA paperwork. You can click the images on blog for bigger versions of the FIA pages. The paperwork did date from 1991, so expect there to be some changes in FIA regulations.

Kind regards