Friday, 4 July 2008

New Rims

After suffering a puncture last week, the decision to replace the worn out (but just about legal) tyres came to the fore.

The 13" Cosmics the car came with were never really my cup of tea, so after a little shopping around - and a few annoying last minute outbids on eBay - I've gone for a 15" 6J Minilite rim, (15mm offset and 103mm backspace), shod with 195 60 BF Goodrich tyres. I blew all my budget on the rims, so I thought I'd take a punt on the tyres.

I went to Headley Tyres (details below). The fitter used to banger race a MkII 2000 so appreciated the slightly out-of-the-norm task of fitting the MkI. They took the care to make sure any weights went on the inside of the rim, didn't use air tools to fit the nuts, and removed the old tyres off the Cosmic rims. All in all a very good job, and they didn't take all day doing it.

Headley Tyres
Newbury Road
Berkshire RG19 8LG
Tel: 01635 268384

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