Thursday, 12 June 2008

Herald/Vitesse Radio Mounting Bracket

Herald/Vitesse Radio Mounting Bracket
After a fair bit of searching I managed to source an original Herald/Vitesse radio mounting bracket. These are starting to go for silly money on eBay - a complete radio bracket and speaker assembly went for £150 a few months back - definitely a case of demand outstripping supply.

Although the pressing does look a little complicated, it's a shame no one's considered remanufacturing them. I understand a source of the wobbly finisher plate has already been identified.


GG said...

Hi Craig,

well done!


what are the dimesions and the position of the holes of that top plate which fixes to the fascia?

I'm doing a DIY job... :D

Craig Gingell said...


The top holes are 10 5/16" apart (262mm). The holes are 3/16" (5mm) diameter.

Hope that helps.