Sunday, 24 February 2008

Plea For Help : Britax Inertia Reel Seat Belt

Plea For Help : Does anyone have a spare seat belt like the one pictured here?

It's called a Britax Auto-Lok and bolts through the floor with two bolts. The chrome buckle lifts to release the catch. I'm not fussed about the condition of the webbing as I'm going to get it re-webbed. I have one belt for the driver's side but I'm after a matching belt for the passenger side.

If you can help, I'd much appreciate it.

UPDATE : I'd like to thank Colin Wake and David Pearson - both whom contacted me to say they had some Britax Seat Belts I might have. Cheers guys!


TheYetiWakes said...


Just out of interest where did you get these 'rewebbed'? I have a set, same as yours and i've been told it cannot be done due to new webbing being a different width and the way it is attached to the Britax Inertia Reel. Best that could be suggested was having the old buckles and tongue fitted to a new seatbelt?

Any pointers gratefully received!

Craig Gingell said...

Hi Yeti

eBay is likely to be your best bet with new old stock. I have a few belts left over from my restoration - email me : - if you are interested.