Tuesday, 21 June 2011

They said I'd inherit an estate - and this is it!

I've hankered after an estate for quite a while having previously owned saloon, convertible and coupe variants of the Herald and Vitesse. Back in 2002 this Herald estate came up for sale following the death of the original owner. My friend Keith bought it, but it was only on the road for a couple of years, and has spent the past eight or so years stood rusting away.

I've been badgering Keith for a couple of years to sell it to me, and last month he finally gave in. Keith swapped the 1200 engine for a 1500 from a Spitfire, but never completed the conversion.

Many thanks to Bill from Rarebits for collecting and delivering the estate. Here's a few pics...

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Tonny said...

Hello craig :-)Its me you that nearly bought your steering wheel on ebay from denmark. i wrote you a mail back then, but dont think you ever got it. i have a question. Do you know somthing about herald wheelsizes ? i have bought some Cobrawheels for my herald in 6 ". Have you ever tryed to fit this size ?, and that tyre size ? You can see them on my blog. Triumphfyn. Best regards Tonny Denmark. Ps nice estate, looking forward to read more of the progress with it :-)