Sunday, 17 January 2010

Spitfire4 - Branch Manifold

These pictures are quite old (they date from around August 2002) but I've just found them on an old PC. They document my attempt (and subsequent failure) to fit a 4 branch manifold to a Spitfire4. There were issues with clearing the breather pipe, and the rod style throttle linkage. Not to mention the fact the flange face was thicker then the inlet manifold flange (making it impossible to clamp to the cylinder head), the inlets themselves were seriously cracked underneath (resulting in air leaks) and the Y piece on the manifold exited skew-wiff on the chassis...

Disappointingly, I gave up on the project, nearly loosing the car during at attempted respray and sold it on in 2008. The manifold resurfaced on my Herald Coupe restoration following major surgery to make in clear the Shorrock Supercharger installation.

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