Monday, 27 July 2009

Shorrock Trial Fit

Here's the Shorrock unit trial fitted to the engine to ensure alignment with the manifolds, carb, pulleys, etc. The inlet manifolds have been bead blasted and the HS4 SU has been rebuilt by Andrew Turner.

Now the crank and Shorrock pulleys are in position I can measure the distance and order the right size belts. The Shorrock is driven from two 'V' belts. The length of the belts is critical as there is no means to tension them. I have been considering a belt tensioner or jockey wheel, but I hope some decent belts of the correct size will do the job.

The full width radiator is currently away being re-cored.

Round the other side of the engine, the 123 distributor is now fitted along with a set of Magnecor KV85 HT leads.

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Jason said...

Looking really good Craig, when's the start up? Can't be long now :-) Looking forward to see the car in the flesh!