Thursday, 21 May 2009

123 Ignition Distributor

My original intention was to fit a reconditioned Lucas distributor on the Herald. However, some recent discussions on the Club Triumph Forum regarding other options made me consider the 123 Ignition Distributor instead.

The 123 is a direct replacement for the original Lucas item and has some great features -

  • no more worn parts - the only moving part is the rotor arm and the shaft of the distributor itself - the points, the weights, the springs are all gone.

  • pre-selectable advance curve - allows the distibutor to be setup to match the best advance curve for the engine.

  • maintenance free - once setup, should never have to worry about it again.

There are some other features - such as "spark balancing" !? - but I'm already convinced of the advantages over the Lucas item.

The 123 is manufactured in Holland. Right now the only down side to getting one is the crap stirling/euro exchange rate!

Further details
123 Product Page
123 Installation Manual
123 Leaflet

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