Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Shorrock Supercharged Spitfire 1500

Spotted this on eBay earlier this week - a Shorrock supercharged Spitfire 1500.

An interesting installation using what looks like a Herald 13/60 inlet manifold. Unlike Lewis Jones' installation, this time the Shorrock unit has been fitted the same way up as per the Herald setup, but I'm surprised there's sufficient bonnet clearance. I don't think the GT6 bonnet helps, as the bulge ideally needs to be offset over the right hand side of the bonnet. Anyway, it's a 1700cc engine (I'm not familiar with that engine setup) I can't tell how the rear of the Shorrock unit is supported - the inlet manifold on the 1147cc setup incorporates a bracket.

Here's a link to the listing on eBay -

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