Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Shorrock Supercharger Pulleys in Stock!

I picked up the 3-groove crankshaft pulleys today, and mighty fine they look too!

CNC machined from HE15 grade aluminium, the pulley is an exact match to the Shorrock original. The original 1 7/16" Triumph pulley nut was never a good fit inside the Shorrock pulley - it was impossible to get a socket over it - so I've had slightly smaller 1 3/8" pulley nuts machined from EN8 grade steel that you can get a socket on.

Weight wise there's a huge saving. The Shorrock pulley and nut total 2 kilos whereas the aluminium pulley and nut are less than half that at 900 grams!

They will fit the Triumph Herald/Spitfire 1147cc and early small crank 1296cc engines. If you want one, drop me a line to website2008@gingell.com, as I doubt I'll have them for long.

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